Monday, March 12, 2012

The tourism industry is becoming one of the world's largest industries. Revenue from tourism has an enormous share of the global economy, and trends indicate that this trend will continue.
At the same time, tourist destinations around the world are beginning to realize the benefits that tourism brings to a region. With the development of transport and communications, areas that were not considered tourist destinations ago, now reap the benefits of tourism development.
This does not mean that tourism does not have its drawbacks. Mass tourism is often fatal to a tourist destination. Misuse of natural resources, pollution, social tension and economic instability are some negative consequences that tourism can bring. Not always, of course.
There is a new type of tourism. Alternative forms of tourism such as ecotourism, tourism in order to visit cultural sites, nature conservation, educational or visit the events are just some of the possibilities that one destination can include in your travel plan. These tourist products provide a new type of tourist experience while creating sustainable economic base and opportunities for protecting natural and cultural resources.In this blog we want to show you the best places for rest and relaxation for you and your family at affordable prices. I constantly publish a variety of offers from tour operator companies worldwide. We hope that will be beneficial to the achievement of your desired trip. Vacation Rentals, Beach Houses, Ski Homes & Rustic Cabins @ Sure Rentals